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Rug Repair

Rug Repair

ABC rug repair specialists will always go to the trouble to find the appropriate type of wool and the suitable dye and choose the proper weave to ensure that the repair is in line with the natural features that the rug has and doesn't alter the original design. Master weavers will provide an in-depth explanation of what has to be accomplished and the price and will only begin the work when you are satisfied with the price estimate.

Why Choose Our Services

A few of the most frequent damages that rug repair requires are holes, tears, or frayed corners, re-dying in color, stretching repair of fringes, flood and fire damage, or rug misalignment. A skilled rug repair specialist can fix corners, repair burns and holes, and repair damage caused by moths so that you can’t tell the differences between the original work and the new repair.

Every rug is 1st inspected for existing or potential damage, dye stability, how the rug is made & what fiber the rug is made of. You can’t clean a rug properly without knowing all these things.

We thoroughly dust & vacuum the rug on both sides until all the dry soil is removed. It’s said that 80% of the cleaning process is in the dusting. If the dry soil isn’t removed first, the soil stays in the tight knots of the rug causing continued abrasion, breaking the fibers, and prematurely wearing out the rug.

It is essential that rug is washed using cold water and neutral PH Wool Safe approved shampoo. Products with high PH as well as hot water can be great employed to wash synthetic carpet , but it is too harsh for natural fiber carpets and could cause damage. Pet urine and high PH can release dyes, causing bleeding colors.

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Core Features

Most likely, you’ll see that many experts offer a very excessive price for rug repairs. Don’t let this deter you from doing repairs. Although it might appear like a lot, be aware that fixing carpets can be extremely laborious. Furthermore, it aids in maintaining its value, so it’s worth the effort.

A few repair specialists with less reputation may suggest you have the eaten or eroded areas painted to conceal the damaged areas. While it is less expensive, it’s not advised as it could end up causing permanent damages to the carpet and lower its value overall.