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Organic Rug Cleaning

Organic Rug Cleaning

Our non-toxic, 100% natural patent-pending carpet cleaning product, organic rug cleaning is one of the best carpet cleaners available. It is at the core of our cleaning procedure. Natural is a perfect blend of Mother Nature's components with carbonating bubbles that help lift dirt out of your carpet and provide carpets that can be clean and safe. It's also free of detergents, soaps, as well as enzymes, solvents, or other harmful chemicals, and you'll be able to rest at ease with the ABC Rug Cleaner natural product that is safe for children and pets.

Why Choose Our Services

Submersion in full water can be described as an Traditional Old World way to effectively clean hand-made Rugs. Rugs that are of good quality are not designed to be cleaned using a truck. A lot of carpet cleaners provide rug cleaning, but they don’t provide the same services like ABC Rug Cleaning.

Every rug is 1st inspected for existing or potential damage, dye stability, how the rug is made & what fiber the rug is made of. You can’t clean a rug properly without knowing all these things.

We thoroughly dust & vacuum the rug on both sides until all the dry soil is removed. It’s said that 80% of the cleaning process is in the dusting. If the dry soil isn’t removed first, the soil stays in the tight knots of the rug causing continued abrasion, breaking the fibers, and prematurely wearing out the rug.

It is essential that rug is washed using cold water and neutral PH Wool Safe approved shampoo. Products with high PH as well as hot water can be great employed to wash synthetic carpet , but it is too harsh for natural fiber carpets and could cause damage. Pet urine and high PH can release dyes, causing bleeding colors.

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Core Features

If dirt is pushed in your carpet, it’s broken up and adheres to the carpet’s fibers. Carpet cleaners depend on harsh cleaning solutions to dissolve the dirt or remove this from your carpet’s fibers. Some of these cleaners could leave behind a sticky residue or be harmful to pets and children. Our unique Natural carpet cleaner uses thousands of tiny bubbles that effectively break down dirt particles and then lift them onto the surface, where our technicians remove them using special equipment. The whole process is free of harmful chemicals whatsoever. If you’re searching for an all-natural carpet cleaner, it’s hard to compare to The Natural.